MEAL DEALS / Bath Time [single]

The good folk over at Major Leagues are already indulging in the somnolence of hazy summer afternoons with Meal Deals‘ slacker-rock single, Bath Time. A bouncing bass line strolls beneath the ripples of jangly guitar riffs in a Mac DeMarco, Damon Albarn manner. This track recreates that passive feeling of lying in a bathtub and letting the mind roam guilt-free.

Bath Time is set to be released via Major Leagues on April 21st as a cassette with a limited edition (and incredible value) meal deal, including a yellow sandwich cassette, a crisps zine and a bottle top pin.

Never fret indie kids, it’s not too late to jump on this bandwagon. Meal Deals will be launching the single at The Montague Arms, London in a few weeks (April 21st) with supports from Biig Piig, meals, and Sunken. Cracking.

Jean Pavitt


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